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Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22 7b97g Umklapp Scattering Brillouin Zone 7 Formula 5g WOW SETI

January 10, 2017

Diagram 339 WOW! Line 22 7b97g Umklapp Scattering Brillouin Zone 7 Formula 5g WOW SETI

519 views 10 jan 2017

part 7b97g of
100 videos there are more videos after this one
i’ll post all then update the #.
Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien
Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien
Google 0.0071

5.8783279E6 + 6EQUJ5 + maya symbol for Zero + Higgs Ballistic Transport formula #7+ CORE UFO Engine + communication laser beams + crystals + superlattice + quantum dots + water molecules + expanded + from line 22 wow data
21 July 2013

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p38d19d7b97 Ballistic Umklapp Scattering Phonon Formula 5g WOW SETI

Notes on previous videos

Formula from previous video
Umklapp scattering+ (also U-process or Umklapp process)
+ transformation, + reflection +

Translation+ wave vector +to +another+ Brillouin zone +result + scattering +process+ an electron-lattice potential google –
Free electron model in another video

Keyword from formula data:

Brillouin zone

Quotes diagrams from WIKI:
In mathematics and solid state physics, the first Brillouin zone is a uniquely defined primitive cell in reciprocal space. The boundaries of this cell are given by planes related to points on thereciprocal lattice.

Formula from data:
mathematics + solid state physics+first Brillouin zone
defined primitive cell in reciprocal space. boundaries cell
Given planes related to points (nodes) on reciprocal lattice.(google) +

Quote wiki
In physics, the reciprocal lattice of a lattice (usually a Bravais lattice) is the lattice in which the Fourier transform of the spatial wavefunction of the original lattice (or direct lattice) is represented.

This space is also known asmomentum space or less commonly k-space, due to the relationship between the Pontryagin duals momentum and position.

The reciprocal lattice of a reciprocal lattice is the original lattice.

21 July 2013

Formula from data:
Wigner–Seitz cell + Bravais lattice + Brillouin zone +
Bloch wave + periodic medium + behavior +single Brillouin zone

Surfaces +
same +distance+ from+ one +element of +the lattice +and its neighbours+
volume + first Brillouin zone+ (see the derivation of the Wigner-Seitz cell).+

set of points +in+ k-space+reached+ origin +crossing + Bragg plane+Voronoi cell google +around +the origin of +the reciprocal lattice.

Voronoi cell from formula

Quote wiki

In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a way of dividing space into a number of regions.

A set of points (called seeds, sites, or generators) is specified beforehand and for each seed there will be a corresponding region consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any other.

The regions are called Voronoi cells. It is dual to the Delaunay triangulation

Formula from data:

second, third, etc., +Brillouin zones+sequence +disjoint regions (all with the same volume)+
increasing distances +from

+ the origin+result +first Brillouin zone is often +called +simply+ the+ Brillouin zone. + n-th +Brillouin zone +consists of+

the set of points+ that can be+ reached +from +the origin by crossing exactly n − 1 distinct Bragg planes.+related concept irreducible Brillouin zone,

+is the first Brillouin zone reduced by all of the symmetries in the point group of the lattice.+
Brillouin zone

21 July 2013

My thoughts

Brillouin Zone looks like a photon levitating within a crystal mesh Superlattice.

electron-lattice potential google –
Free electron mode

In next video

ballistic transport, superlattice, quantum dots, water molecules, cooled plasma, quantum mechanics, quantum transport, crystals, mesh, electron holes, net force, neutrinos, higgs boson signals , CERN 2012 results, ATLAS, ALICE,
CML, NASA, newtons second law of motion, formula, hot temperatures, expand, mass, higgs mass particles, five axial forces, janet conrad, miniboone experiment data 2008, 2012, electron ribbon pencil laser beams, filters, diffraction, colliding particles, splitting baryons, tau neutrinos, splitting fermions, leptons, 5 new bosons, new standard model wow! signal 5 boson particles created in line 22 formula’s, cross reference, proton energies, nanowires, nanotechnology, elshelby twist, nodes, quadrapole magnets, monopole, dipole moment, euclid elements, archimedes algorithms

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