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Diagram 442 WOW! SETI Signal Monopole Quadrupole Magnets Tetrahedron Crystal Lattice

April 4, 2017

Diagram 442 WOW! SETI Signal Monopole Quadrupole Magnets Tetrahedron Crystal Lattice

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1 page 155, cooled plasma formula notes page 17, 18

Diagram 442 WOW! SETI Signal Monopole Quadrupole Magnets Tetrahedron Crystal Lattice

formula notes

page 154, pages 17, 18 cooled formula notes say
march 1 2013
keyword tetrahedral coordination
my thoughts
The CORE of the UFO proton is surrounded by four monopoles and six quadrupole magnets.
This says to use four ATOMS and put them in the CORNERS of the TETRAHEDRON (use NODE formulas from Lines 1 – 27)
cross reference NODES, nanowires, microwires, magnets, (see earlier data)
let’s google magnets, atoms to see what comes up

Diagram 442
keywords from data
create a dipole
brings up keyword dipole antenna

you can see the diagram on the above link

the core is a circle in the middle
with 5 circles on left
1,2,3 quadrupole magnets
1,2 monopole magnets are on the inside of this pattern
on the right side
is 3,4 monopole magnets and 4,5,6 quadrupole magnetic numbers (each magnet is given a number to show it’s placement and how it affects the semi conductor electrical currents

below that is a tetrahedron triangle (upside down triangle) showing 1,2 on left and 3,4 on right at the top base of four ATOMS
it’s a tetrahedron crystal lattice Y structure the UFO engine design
and then it shows the three points of the triangle each have a NODE which has two sets of 3 prong wires protruding from them

these nodes are different from other nodes which have MORE wires inside of them, and they levitate, and consist of bendable flexible metals that form a perfect circle as they flow around the crystal lattice, and electronic signals are generated by laser beams, which transforms the nodes into super conductors and communication device engines (in other diagrams we saw from Diagrams 1 to 442)

see Diagram 443 which shows how to create the 5 new boson particles with the UFO particle accelerator engine design.
Diagram 444 shows five axial forces being a part of this engine as well.

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