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Diagram 447 WOW! SETI Line 22 7b210 Raychaudhuri Vector Recollapse Einstein Field Equation WOW SETI

April 6, 2017

Diagram 447 WOW! SETI Line 22 7b210 Raychaudhuri Vector Recollapse Einstein Field Equation WOW SETI

36 views april 6 2017
7b97z 210 of 100 videos there are more videos after this one #170 wont upload., #206 wont upload
i’ll post all then update the #.
Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien
Wow SETI 1977 radio signal alien
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Raychaudhuri’s equation,nonzero expansion scalar,tidal tensor, strong energy condition,vorticity, centrifugal forces, Einstein Field Equation, keyword research line 22 wow data

To be filmed 27 jan 2014
Line 22 7b209 Pascal’s Triangle Spacetime Quantum Dance Logic Gate Formula WOW SETI

20 Jan 2014

Raychaudhuri equation…

Quote wiki:

Intuitive significance

The right hand side of Raychaudhuri’s equation consists of two types of terms:

1. terms which promote (re)-collapse
• initially nonzero expansion scalar,
• nonzero shearing,

• positive trace of the tidal tensor; this is precisely the condition guaranteed by assuming the strong energy condition, which holds for the most important types of solutions, such as physically reasonable fluid solutions),

2. terms which oppose (re)-collapse

• nonzero vorticity, corresponding to Newtonian centrifugal forces,
• positive divergence of the acceleration vector
This balance may be:
• stable: in the case of hydrostatic equilibrium of a ball of perfect fluid (e.g. in a model of a stellar interior),

• the expansion, shear, and vorticity all vanish, and a radial divergence in the acceleration vector

• (the necessary body force on each blob of fluid being provided by the pressure of surrounding fluid) counteracts the Raychaudhuri scalar, which for a perfect fluid is .
Einstein field equation

Quotes diagrams wiki:
General relativity

Data continues next video

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