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Diagram 405 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b251, Line 227b252, Basis Linear Algebra Vectors

April 24, 2017

Diagram 405 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b251, Line 227b252, Basis Linear Algebra Vectors

the idea girl says

my thoughts the line of NODES in GREEN look like the jet hadron signals from the two muons at the 45° angles in the Higgs Event from CERN ATLAS CML 2012 DATA diagrams nodes, frequency, signals Darpa – Cougar hollow core fiber optic wires, RF, amplitudes. I feel that somehow the NODES signals will affect the cooled plasma and bendable metal super alloys to create the wormhole that will be traversable. I am working it out as we go along in the research. basis linear algebra – rotation matrix quote WIKI cos 0 – sin 0 in Euclidean Space sin 0 cos 0 rotates points in the x,y, Cartesian Plane counter clockwise through an angle 0 about the origin of the Cartesian coordinate system four quadrants four magnets? II, I than below it III, IV Euclidean distance WIKI between 2 points of the place? (sorry cant read writing again!) with Cartesian Coordinates.. see Diagram 406 for more instructions.

this is in relation to two traversable wormholes (equations to be used with creating it with the UFO space ship design)

Line 22 7b251 Particle Number Operator Fock Basis Vector Wormholes WOW SETI

Line 22 7b252 NODES Linear Algebra Euler Angles Orthogonal Wormholes Formula WOW SETI

formula notes

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