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Diagram 450 WOW! SETI Signal Proton Rings Vortex Light Speeds

April 25, 2017

Diagram 450 WOW! SETI Signal Proton Rings Vortex Light Speeds

1555 views April 25, 2017

the idea girl says

blue book notes 1, last page 162, cooled plasma formula notes from page 148, 149

Diagram 450 WOW! SETI Signal Proton Rings Vortex Light Speeds

formula notes

Line 17t4b Alien Contact UFO Travel NGC6240 Black Hole Hubble Velocity WOW SETI

Alien Equation message – AIRL jan 21, 2012

ax2 (squared) + r 99/100 = velocity
field + momentum
= nuclei
vibrate molecules into
gas 10 to the power of 100 speed Quantum
gravitational pull – 2400/13 (-184.62 or -184.615384615) = X Negative MAS
see distance C2 Squared 7 to the power of 10 4471

notes from page 162

mean angular angle
mass = 0 = neutrinos
inversely proportional —> 0 mass particle neutrino replicates it’s properties

| sheared |
nn2 (symbol)?
symmetric states
rotates same

W o particle – sm parcel fluid
water molecules
not straddle axis in UFO colliding chamber vacuum unit

you see a circle with x,y axis inside of it

irrotational VORTEX goes up the Y axis
particles proton rings rotate
straight axis X at five axial forces

————————–x axis—————

five axial forces ^^^^ up arrow to the NNE
with speed of light +/- positive negative
inversely proportional
to distance to that AXIS

^^^ up arrow

quote link below:

one value increase as the other value decreases at the SAME rate

my thoughts

this also applies to the wormhole ends, one collapses (left end), one stays open (right end – with the UFO space ship)

Inversely Proportional
Inversely Proportional: when one value decreases at the same rate that the other increases.
Example: speed and travel time

Speed and travel time are Inversely Proportional because the faster we go the shorter the time.

As speed goes up, travel time goes down
And as speed goes down, travel time goes up
This: y is inversely proportional to x

Is the same thing as: y is directly proportional to 1/x

Which can be written:
y = k

cross reference link. quote

see Diagram 451 – weakly interacting particles – higgs bosons,dark matter particles, ligands, pi orbitals, quantum dance, qubits..

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