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Diagram 452 WOW! SETI Signal Quantum Space VORTEX Argon Plasma Shear

April 25, 2017

Diagram 452 WOW! SETI Signal Quantum Space VORTEX Argon Plasma Shear

the idea girl says
blue book notes 1, page 162, pages 148, 149 (notes for formulas) cooled plasma formula notes
Diagram 452 WOW! SETI Signal Quantum Space VORTEX Argon Plasma Shear

formula notes:

Line 17t4b Alien Contact UFO Travel NGC6240 Black Hole Hubble Velocity WOW SETI

1555 views april 25 2017

Diagram 452 continues the instructions for the particles in the UFO particle collidier engine design… you need to look at earlier diagrams to get the full picture of what it’s instructions are

Diagram 452 shows the CORE of the UFO Brain Central Sphere which is made of metals, and it’s the control room for the space ship – houses astronauts and computers, etc..

it shows that it —> drives through quantum Space
it shows a rigid body vortex for the stable CORE
below it in the middle of the wormhole as the space ship travels, the CORE is stable and travels a linear path along the lines of the laser beams that carry it from Side A to B

below the CORE UFO sphere

parallel flow with SHEAR
LIquid Argon Gas + cooled plasma (walls of wormhole surrounding the UFO space ship design over and under it)
so it looks like the plasma creates a type of river in the wormhole to carry the space ship along? (not sure yet…) I know it will travel along lines of particles, laser beams, that create a type of magnetic force, yet it will be STABLE as it goes through the wormhole transporting it to millions of light years away within minutes, or hours as it goes to other galaxies, deep in outer space.

more notes, from page 149

Quantum Dance = Qubits – Logic Gates from Diagram 451, brain UFO engine drives through Qauntum tranport space, ridge body like vortex, UFO ship, parallel flow tih shear (liquid argon gas, coole dplasma) shear = laser beams diffracting in a cris corss patterns with muons on either side of the two super lattice walls. See diagram 453, for the irrotational vortex giving absolute velocities (maintains it’s speeds as it goes through the plasma wormhole created on Side A to Side B (the the planetary location or destination that is millions of light years away from EARTH)

back to notes page 162
there’s a diagram there as well…
SHEAR = it shows the TWO obsidian mirrors D, E on the UFO diagram
mirrors at the side
laser beams will diffraction in criss cross patterns (bouncing between the two mirrors on either side of the space ship, and rotating higgs electric field that surrounds the metal sphere CORE UFO space ship.
mirrors – super lattice walls (our y structure that consists of layers of crystals and graphite wafers see earlier diagrams on how that structure looks)
= creates irrotational VORTEX
^ up arrow
gives absolute velocities
around highlighted point NODES see Diagram 453, 454, 455, 456 for more instructions..

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