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Diagram 421 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Sphere Space Wormhole Dark Matter

May 6, 2017

Diagram 421 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Sphere Space Wormhole Dark Matter

the idea girl says
quotes diagram blog if the over density were a perfect sphere, everything would collapse to a point at the center. but one direction, randomly, will always be shorter, because it has less distance to go, that direction collapses first and we go from an ellipsoid to a pancake or a disk, because gravity squashes it in the shortest direction
over density, perfect sphere, at the center NODE but one direction randomly will be shorter it has less distance to go that direction collapses first (1d space between atoms?) adding in bendable flexible metals formula in the list of to dos obsidian mirrors) page 7. we collapse the super alloys into a different shape (1D closed negative traversal wormhole end) all dark matter meets up the dark matter passes right through neutrino’s particle mixtures found in cross ref lines 1 – 27) but all normal matter, protons, neutrons, electrons, they add mass so they cannot pass through each other, just like our hands, cannot pass through one another, solid forces, so they stick together, particles with mass and start to form stars, genesis dark matter creates rings, producing bunch of light in a disk (visible light energies ( jet hadron streams like higgs boson particles does when it decays (data in next video) see diagram 422, 423 for more details.
Line 22 7b202 Dark Matter Sphere NODES Higgs Boson Particles Metals Formula WOW SETI

formula notes

in Diagram 421 you see a sphere
over density
it shows dark matter particles on the left side of the space ship
passes through nutrino particle mixtures (which are travelling in a linear path on laser beam signals) from obsidian mirror D to E on the other side of the space ship

then it shows particles colliding
adding mass
below the particles is a solid graphite films forces
cannot pass through each other (particles that are colliding in laser beams over the graphite films)

it shows a node with four sets of wires N,S, E, W with 3 prongs on each end
1D space between atoms
direction to the —> right is shorter to go
it says at the top it Collapses to NODE

below shows Diagram 422 bendable metals, dark matter plasma rings, and diagram 423 has the higgs bosons interacting and colliding with the above particle mixtures…

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