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Diagram 423 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Higgs Boson Particle Atoms Mass

May 6, 2017

Diagram 423 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Higgs Boson Particle Atoms Mass

the idea girl says

particle mixture of protons neutrons electrons adding mass, cannot pas through each other over a solid graphite film forces, stick together (forming clusters) the three particles adding mass, attracted to one another after higgs boson particle collides with particles 0 zero mass, add mass, and changes _/+ negative and positive charges new boson particles are created in the ufo particle collider vacuum engine design.

Line 22 7b202 Dark Matter Sphere NODES Higgs Boson Particles Metals Formula WOW SETI

formula notes
in Diagram 421 it shows the over density of the ufo space ship, and how particles and nodes interact with electronic and laser beams, with mixtures, that will change the charge of higgs bosons mixing in with neutrinos, neutrons, protons and electrons…
than they form clusters and stick together as they add mass to each other and mixing in with the higgs boson particles, attracted to one another zero mass adds mass to the higgs bosons, making new particles that hold both a +/- positive and negative charge within that particle, new boson particles form in the UFO particle collider design formula.. see Diagram 424 showing non zero vorticity , all particles flow in liquid argon gas, cooled neutrinos, and creates a cooled atom cloud of energy.

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