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Diagram 424 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Atom Cloud Neutrinos Laminar Flow

May 6, 2017

Diagram 424 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Atom Cloud Neutrinos Laminar Flow

the idea girl says

low Reynolds number laminar flow fluid motion ration of inertial forces to viscous forces quantifies high Reynolds number turbulent flow two types of forces give flow conditions = bendable metals structure
small changes shape, surface roughness, diffraction flow of laser beams with metals ions, formula vorticity, non zero when all particles flowing in liquid argon gas, cooled neutrinos, cooled atom cloud, along straight, linear parallels,

parallel path lines, visible light, hadron jet streams, two muons, two protons, two phonons (higgs event CERN 2012 results same energies) add SHEAR, flow speed, varies, acros stream lines diffraction of laser beams , across the two obsidian mirrors at D, E on each side of the ufo space ship design, pencil laser beam signals, electron ribbon laser beam signals,

crossing one another (two sets of laser beam guns interacting with the particle mixtures from Diagrams 420 to 423 instructions see earlier videos and formula notes).. one another. it says in diagram 242 non zero vorticity in the spin of the middle of the ufo particles colliding in the vacuum engine chamber.

adding liquid argon gas, all particles flowing in a vorticity (like a tornado) creating a cooled atom cloud of energies, it shows two sets of straight linear parallels lines across the stream lines

you have two sets of lines going to the right and two sets of lines on either side (y structure) as the laser beams diffract and go into the THREE directions (East, SSE, SSW) shown on the diagram. it shows visible light see Diagram 425 , 426 for more instructions, and notes

Line 22 7b202 Dark Matter Sphere NODES Higgs Boson Particles Metals Formula WOW SETI
formula notes

see Diagram 425, 426 for more instructions.

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