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Diagram 425 WOW! SETI SIGNAL line 22 7b202 Electron Lasers Jet Hadrons Flow

May 6, 2017

Diagram 425 WOW! SETI SIGNAL line 22 7b202 Electron Lasers Jet Hadrons Flow

the idea girl says

in diagram 424 it shows the non zero vorticity of spinning particles in liquid argon gas, cooled neutrinos making a cooled atom cloud of energy, visible light is from the straight linear parallels of laser beams that X crosses X (pencil and electron ribbon lasers from two guns) it shows laminar flow 1,2 protons, 1,2 phonons, add shear wind, flow speed varies across laser stream lines with particles in them. it shows layers of laminar flow fluid in layers dichofeards? no idea what that word is lol.. slide over one another (particles don’t interact they just glide over each other?) laser guns – pencil beams moving graphite plate below the laser beams diffraction from two obsidian mirrors on either side of the ufo engine D, E sides.. (see earlier engineering plans), laser beams onto obsidian mirrors a stationary graphite film plate is shown below the path of the lasers and particles, 1,2 mu 1,2 muons hadron jet streams, electron ribbon laser beams crossing one another DBL and ERL, see Diagram 426 on how it affects laminar flow around particles in the laser beams being carried along in the ufo particle collider engine design.

Line 22 7b202 Dark Matter Sphere NODES Higgs Boson Particles Metals Formula WOW SETI

formula notes

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