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Diagram 433 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Zero Vorticity Axis Higgs Bosons

May 24, 2017

Diagram 433 WOW! SETI Signal Line 22 7b202 Zero Vorticity Axis Higgs Bosons

the idea girl says

vorticity is at zero at y, x axis which is in the middle part between the two y structure super lattice crystal walls of the ufo engine design. on the right it shows that SHEAR is largest between X and the crystal wall on the RIGHT side of the Y structure engine, it shows higgs mass boson particles in SHEAR conversely flow (reverses) and it shows a laser beam trajectory that loops downwards from the y structure particles travel along a curved trajectories = 0 zero vorticity laser beams of visible red, blue light, quote wiki visible blue light 606 – 668 thz frequency, photon energy 2.50 – 2.75 ev, wave length 450 – 495 nm, visible red light 400-484 thz, photon energy 1.65 – 2.00 ev, wave length 620 – 750 nm frequency = # of wave cycles that travel past a fixed point per unit of time, cycles per second, hertz (hz) longest – red, shortest – violet wavelengths increase from LEFT to right

short wave lengths – gamma, xrays, long wave lengths – microwaves, broadcast radio waves, electromagnetic spectrum – bathochromic = red shift shift longer wave lengths (molecules) lower frequency forming interstellar glycoalde hyde 2 carbon atoms, two oxygen atoms, four hydrogen atoms, pre biotic molecule – building block, DNA, RNA, oxides, 1 oxygen atom, one element, metal oxides anion of oxygen – 2 oxidation state elements oxidized by oxygen and air or water hydro carbon hydrogen, 1 hydrogen atom, cycloalkanes

Line 22 7b202 Dark Matter Sphere NODES Higgs Boson Particles Metals Formula WOW SETI

formula notes

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