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WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal Research Data Book 2 The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

July 15, 2017

WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal Research Data Book 2 The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

the idea girl says

Well hello! It’s been a lovely summer break for me. 🙂

now I’m filming BOOK 2 notes of the cooled plasma formula’s

In Book 1 we saw Diagrams 1 to Diagram 456 where it shows us what the UFO space ship design is capable of.

It’s a combination of 5 engines. All of them have a purpose and “connect” to each other and are able to “separate” into individual compartments when different tasks are required of them.

Now in book 2, my Diagrams are HARD to read, understand and see

The notes are CRAMPED! I cannot read some of my writing, and I’m LOST!

I will film the Diagrams, but not all the notes that go with them.

The notes are LONG and complicated, because now we will learn what techniques the alien technology uses to accomplish the tasks shown to us in Book 1’s videos, diagrams and formula’s.

Basically I’m going to film what IT says to do… It’s up to our scientists, physicists, chemists, and space technology engineers to figure out what to do with this knowledge.

We’ve see different things working for us, already based on the original data shown in the Diagrams.

The Higgs Boson research is based on research done at CERN 2012 with ATLAS, CML etc…

So it’s probably updated since then. As you know I’ve been working on this project for over 5 years, with almost a year off to figure out what to do with this knowledge, as now it’s become rather complicated for the “normal” brain to figure out…

It will take knowledgeable people, who can look out the BOX of the normal that we’ve been taught here on Earth and to try new concepts to achieve our goals to build space ships that can travel to long distance, millions of light years away, habitable planets.

To discover their life forms, their plant life and how they function at a much higher level of intellect than we currently do here on Earth at this time in 2017…

I’m sure we will “catch up” to them in the future. It all depends on whether we want to grow “intellectually” and stop worrying about how much “money”
we can make off a “new technology or concept.”

Humans always get bogged down with “money”

They need to learn to keep going so they can achieve the next level of human intelligence and perhaps learn all those concepts that our ancestors from 3,000 to 10, 000 years ago knew before the great floods changed our world….

I’ll be uploading the new data in July 2017.. enjoy!

It will take me awhile to TYPE up the notes to go with it so please be patient.

Videos get uploaded to the idea girl says youtube channel and then I add notes in the information section of the videos and then I blog it up on here…

a slow process… I was hoping to film the notes but it takes too much time and videos take forever to upload!

I’m going to upload them as Diagram 457 WOW! etc.. I’ll add the titles later when I do the blog post 🙂




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