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Diagram 464 WOW! NODES Solar Energy Semi Conductors

August 1, 2017

Diagram 464 WOW! NODES Solar Energy Semi Conductors

the idea girl says

formula instructions for Diagram 464
using solar energy from the SUN (mixing with the CPG Turbine laser gun see in Diagram 462

This solar energy turns the nodes and UFO space ship into a “super conductor” by combining the nodes wire signals, the nodes spin 360°
around the rotating exterior of the UFO space ship which has nanowires and electronic pulse signals interacting with the nodes metal orbs surrounding the space ship.

the Core UFO engine floats between the top of the “y” crystalline ufo engine structure. It shows nodes surrounding a rotating 360° ufo space ship and the nodes are generating a DC current in between the two engines from one node to another. Each node is CDTE Diagram 460

Which is cadmium telluride mixed with obsidian and graphene films. It shows photo voltaics where
Quote WIKI
you convert solar energy to a direct current or DC electricity with the nodes which each generates its own semi – conductors. Notes continue Diagram 465

formula notes

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