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Diagram 465 WOW! Silicon Nanohole Arrays Crystals

August 1, 2017

Diagram 465 WOW! Silicon Nanohole Arrays Crystals

the idea girl says
notes continue from Diagram 464

see instructions from Diagrams 457 to 465 all go together for the same units.
it shows R then top arrow is m, low arrow is K 2um crystalline silicon photonic layers
crystal slabs = broadband so communication signals with these nodes semi conductors interactive with the super conductor generated by solar energy light trapping = crystalline silicon nanohole arrays as seen in Diagram 460

These si nanohole arrays convert infrared light from the solar energy to electricity in and outside of the UFO space ship. The si nodes in the nanowires become sunlight absorbing. so this means the si nodes on the “nodes” surrounding our UFO crystalline engine can absorb solar energy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It says a si nanohole arrays creates an open voltage its changes from to 566.6 mv as per this article i found.

= solar energy conversion

High-Performance Silicon Nanohole Solar Cells

We demonstrate Si nanohole arrays as a superior sunlight-absorbing nanostructure for photovoltaic solar cell applications. Under 1 sun AM1.5G illumination, a Si nanohole solar cell with p−n junctions via P diffusion exhibited a open-circuit voltage of 566.6 mV, a short-circuit current density of 32.2 mA/cm2, and a remarkable power conversion efficiency of 9.51%, which is higher than that of its counterparts based on Si nanowires, planar Si, and pyramid-textured Si. The nanohole array geometry presents a novel and viable method fo cost-efficient solar energy conversion.
formula notes diagram 465

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