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Diagram 466 WOW! Thomas Young’s Diffraction Algorithms

August 1, 2017

Diagram 466 WOW! Thomas Young’s Diffraction Algorithms

there’s 2 diagram drawings now a,b but only 1 video

the idea girl says

formula notes

see diagram 466a

see new diagrams here for 466b

formula instructions for Diagram 466a
Plane Quantum Waves using Fraunhofer diffraction it shows the laser beams focus in a straight alignment vertical lines going through a lens focus of obsidian mirrors, diffraction (Fraunhofer occurs as its focus triangles to a small pin point.

Diagram 466b in the UFO particle collider engine we combine ultra cold potassium rubidium (krb) atomic molecules to create Quantum MATTER in a Quantum GAS.
The rotating cooled plasma formula’s surround the mixtures of copper alloys colliding with neutrinos in an argon gas mixture.
below it is a Landau level of atomic laser pulse equations.

notes continue (i’ve added the links from doing a google search)

A laser gun has three chirped pulses, using Thomas Young’s diffraction algorithms we create opticole dipole force with this laser beam as it diffracts from two slits and creates a ladder like three level atomic system drive? into a plane wave.

Generating two quantum waves. At a wavelength of light.

There is angular spacing fringes at a distance.

There is a measurement of distance between the two laser beam slits. The plane waves of Diagram 466a show a lens focuses.

This could mean the laser beams goes through the obisidian mirrors to create this Thomas Young’s diffraction algorithm with Fraunhofer diffraction being the distance created between the two Thomas Young laser beam slits?

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