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Diagram 472 WOW! Photon Lasers UCRA Atoms Quantum Gas

August 9, 2017

Diagram 472 WOW! Photon Lasers UCRA Atoms Quantum Gas

the idea girl says

formula and diagram notes

Diagram 472
The laser beams carry photons through both sides of the UFO “Y” Structure crystalline walls.
In between the crystalline walls of the engine it shows a combination of a “cool cloud of atoms”.
There are ultra cold rubidium atoms. Few of the particles are above ZERO degrees.
As the photons lasers pass through this “cool cloud of atoms” the energy excites the atoms.
Rydberg blockade occurs as the protons bind as one molecule.

The atoms can push and pull energy from atoms. A mixture in the “cool cloud of atoms” is Quantum Gas (fermi degenerate) polar molecules as seen in the YE Groups data findings.

Ultra cold Quantum Gas, Fermi gas is at absolute zero energy in the Fermions which equals a negative energy of Kelvin materials, creating all particles at Zero level of energy.

We trap the laser field, change the mass of the atoms and the atom has a positive charge as we raise the temperature and repel the atoms off one another within the Higgs magnetic field.

The atoms create a lattice arrangement when in a low energy state to a highest energy state.

So the UFO particle Vacuum collider engine creates a “cool cloud of atoms” and Higgs Bosons with other colliding particles at an energy level of ZERO in a Higgs Electric Field which is being generated by the rotating cooled plasma rings of liquid argon gas mixtures.

It shows the atoms create a lattice arrangement, just as the “Y” structure does with the layers of crystal and graphene wafers. It changes the magnetic field of the atoms to either couple together or the energy pulls them apart (atomic reaction).
see Diagram 473

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