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Diagram 474 WOW! Plasma Quantum Matter Zero Viscosity

August 9, 2017

Diagram 474 WOW! Plasma Quantum Matter Zero Viscosity

the idea girl says

see formula and diagrams 474 a, 474b (extended version of the formula notes where I add the extra steps that were in the notes but not drawn in the original diagram.

page 1721 page 24, 25 cooled plasma formula notes
Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt2 Feshbach 5g WOW SETI Part 2 to 23 videos
see Diagram 466b same with algorithms included with it.

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt1 Cold Krb Molecules 5g WOW SETI

Diagram 474 shows the UFO vacuum particle collider engine . On the outer edge is cooled plasma which is rotating as a ring around the particles colliding inside of the UFO vacuum engine.

To the left and right are laser beam guns. The left or D side repeats a chirped cycle pulse with atomic pulse equations from a ground state laser beam with generates a magnetic B field that surrounds the particles.

You create Quantum matter at its lowest quantum energy level this way.
The particle are 40 K fermionic atoms, ultra cold 87 rb potassium rubidium molecules and atoms, neutrinos, super fluid fermions, copper alloys and bosonic atoms in a mixture of argon gas.and quantum gas.
The Landau levels of energy are on the right laser beams which also create Thomas Young Diffraction Algorithms. The magnetic B field creates amperian loop with ZERO viscosity a low flow of velocities with no loss of energy in the particles.

The ampere electric currents will attract and repel each other as the laser light beams pass through the particles, carrying ground state molecules which mix and couple with the different particles creating a “laser beam of particles.”

see Diagram 474b where I’ve redrawn the diagram adding more particle mentions in the formula notes.

see Diagram 475

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