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Diagram 475 WOW! Weyl Fermions Minkowski Cosmic Strings Vacuum

August 15, 2017

Diagram 475 WOW! Weyl Fermions Minkowski Cosmic Strings Vacuum

the idea girl says
blue book 2 notes page 173a, cooled plasma formula notes pg 25

Diagram 475 continues Diagram 474’s instructions

We are looking at the UFO particle collider vacuum engine design’s instructions.
Weyl Fermions, colliding with neutrinos, split leptons, split fermions and split baryons. In the UFO Engine Minkowski Space time occurs. On the left D, side, of the UFO engine are positive monopole magnets in side of the crystal lattice.

In between the walls are Fermi Arcs, between two separate sets of Minkowski Space Time.

On the right , E, Side of the UFo engins is an “anti monopole space.”

Low energy excites a tau particle in a solid state of crystals equals atoms and molecules or ions.

It shows grain size is d – 1/2 and it decreases electrical at a positive charge?

Thermal conductivity occurs in the cosmic strings which are inside the UFO vacuum in a plasma generated wormhole.

The lattice of grain boundaries = polycrystal, crystallites, grains.

In between the two lattice crystal walls are cosmic strings and the particles will have Zero 0 mass, zero 0 charge, zero 0 spin as they travel on a laser beams linear path.

se the data from Hall-Petch in the blog post.
It shows a positive strengthening limit of the polycrystals.
cg = d u 10 nm 3.9 x 10-7 in Cosmic String 5/6 data?

It shows how theres Weyl fermions and Minkowski Space Time helps us grain momentum in space travel. It shows the electrical doncutivity of the UFO particle collider and its surrounding nodes of energy transport through the plasma ring wormhole that the UFO space ship creates to travel across outer space and it’s different galazies.

Diagram 472

adds photons ion laser beams and our instructions in Diagrams 474 to 477.
But looking back Diagram 466b also talks about these steps with algorithms to look at. Diagram 476 mentions the formula of 474 and earlier with even more instructions!

Diagram 466b

Diagram 473 474

Diagram 475

to be blogged.

Diagram 476

Diagram 477

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