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Diagram 476b WOW! Quantum Crystals Cosmic Strings

August 16, 2017

Diagram 476b WOW! Quantum Crystals Cosmic Strings

the idea girl says
cooled plasma, liquid argon gas, hydrogen, copper-copper super alloys, bendable metals, 87rb atoms, krb molecules, quantum matter, quantum gas, 40 k fermionic atoms, feschbach resonance, ultra cold gases of molecules, ampeherian loop, magnetic b field, band electron, antiparticle positron, laser light beams

Line 22 7b97z66a Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Pt 1 Cold KRB Molecules 5g WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 2 Feshbach 5g WOW SETI

formula notes
there are two videos for this one, the notes and this one is the actual diagram from the formula’s keywords

Diagram 476 continues from Diagram 475

where the equation 511 KEV -111, 12 -= 511 KEV R 1022 DEV = 1.439 (2) x 10 to the power of -6 (quote wiki)

creating Quantum Matter and Quantum Gas formula’s. The Magnetic B field spins on teh outside of a spinning proton ring.

Inside the proton ring is cooled plasma and liquid argon gas between the proton ring and the magnetic B field are crystal grains.

Inside the proton ring of cooled plasma and liquid argon gas and several atoms, molecules and particles.

First at the top we see “ultra cold gases of molecules”

than we have colliding particles of:

ultra cold bosonic 87 RB atoms,

Ultra cold KRB molecules,

40k Fermionic atoms,

electron particles that turn into anti particle positrons or connect with them? (sorry not sure which it is?)

Crystal grains form along the Crystal Cosmic Strings which are vertically aligned in the middle of the UFO crystalline engine design.

It mentions def – vacuum in wormhole

and Stress is above the strain

Then on the right side if Young’s molecules (Thomas Young’s diffraction of laser beams from guns D, E form “young’s molecules” (atomic):
Then it shows elastic modules are created from the Young’s molecules combining with crystal grains in Crystal COSMIC STRINGS along with the earlier colliding particle mixture of ATOMS.

Then it says the Quantum Matter and Quantum Gas mixture will be at i’ts “lowest quantum level” equal to ground state including the water molecules”
The water molecules blend in at the bottom left of the proton ring with cooled plasma and a liquid argon gas mixture.

Combining the formula with other particle mixtures creates “bendable flexible metals” for the exterior of the UFO space ship.

We see protons laser light beams creating a strong interaction (double strength to the colliding atoms mixture inside of the UFO vacuum chamber) The proton laser light beams diffract onto more particle collision mixtures of split baryons, neutrinos split fermions, copper-copper super alloys, split leptons, preons, are all at 1/2 spin.

This mixture of particles generates “exotic atoms” from onium.
Fermions have a ZERO 0 CHARGE in the low temperatures the particles have “super fluidity”
These ZERO 0 charged fermions decay to 2 gamma rays and than it decays to 4 photons.

This is surrounded by an ampeherian loop of electricity and its spinning at ZERO 0 viscosity.

It spins to a low velocity in the low temperature sand creates a river of super fluidity fermions which generates super conductivity.

All the atoms have a 0 zero loss of energy in theis UFO vacuum particle collider engine which travelling through a plasma generated wormhole that the UFO space ship design makes. See the algorithms needed for this UFO vacuum in Diagram 477.

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