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Diagram 486 WOW! UFO Water Electricity Storage

September 12, 2017

Diagram 486 WOW! UFO Water Electricity Storage

the idea girl says

patent U54337136A, US 20140048423A1 multilayer water splitting device, Wo20120473366A4 Polymer layer on xray window, berylium, boron, diamond, graphene, hydride diamond like carbon, solar fuel cells, storage, power, electricity, water, electrodes, ionizes water, silver ions, copper, destroy bacteria, gas droplets, freeze , humidity, adds mass to particles in the UFO collider engine design.

see Diagram 486

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 15 Young Frimaldi 5g WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 16 Light Camp Waves 5g WOW SETI
Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 22 Particle Interference 5g WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 23 Mass Energy Equivalent 5g WOW SETI

Formula Instructions
Diagram 486
In continuing the mixture instructions from Diagram 485

we see the UFO water and electricity cstorage i8nsturctions.
A Purfiyling water to drink
Patent US4337136A


Device for purifying water

US 4337136 A


A pair of electrodes formed of silver-copper alloy depend from the bottom wall of a floating container. The latter is arranged to float on the surface of a body of water to be treated and contains a battery which is connected in circuit with the electrodes through a timer switch and a current reversing switch.

Passage of a direct current across the electrodes ionizes the water and the silver and copper ions destroy and prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

On top is electrodes below it (the laser beams?) it shows it ionizes water.
On top on the right o the electrodes it shows silver ions, below the laser beam and under the silver ions it shows it ionizes water and copper.

the ionizer water changes to GAS and Hydrogen on the left side and H2 makes Gas and oxygen on the right side (water splitting device) to destroy bacteria creating water molecules.

These water molecules pass though a water splitting device (an invention named in Diagram 479 , 478

which equal solar fuel cells in a storage container which converts to power, electricity and water on the UFO CORE ENGINE.

On the left it shows the purified water creating GAS droplets, freeze in humidity, water splitting to generate QUANTUM the UFO Engine Particle Collider.

After the gas droplets freeze with humidity , adds mass to particles.

We raise the temperatures Heat, adding humidity. the gas hydrogen and gas oxygen mixtures on either side of the split H2
is fed into a polymer layer on an x-ray obsidian window making multi-layers of water molecules in a water splitting device.

We mix these split hydrogean, gas and oxygen, gas, water molecules with beryllium, boron, hydride, diamond, and graphene diamond like carbon particles using more patent inventions
US 20140048423

Multi-layer water-splitting devices
US 20140048423 A1


Water-splitting devices and methods for manufacturing water-splitting devices or solar cells is disclosed. The method seeks to provide a relatively high-volume, low-cost mass-production method.

In one example, the method facilitates simultaneous co-assembly of one or more sub-units and two or more polymer films or sheets to form a water-splitting device. According to another aspect, there is provided an improved water-splitting device.

In one example form, there is provided a water-splitting device which includes a first electrode for producing oxygen gas and a second electrode for producing hydrogen gas from water. The first electrode and the second electrode are positioned between a first outer polymer layer and a second outer polymer layer, and at least one spacer layer is positioned between the first outer polymer layer and the second outer polymer layer.

and WO2012047366

Polymer layer on x-ray window
WO 2012047366 A4
An x-ray window (10) comprising a plurality of thin film layers (11-13) stacked together, including a thin film layer and a polymer layer. The thin film layer can be diamond, graphene, diamond-like carbon, beryllium, and combinations thereof. The polymer layer can be a polyimide. A boron hydride layer may also be included.

with the solare fuel cells in storage tanks on the UFO engine design.
SEE notes for Diagram 487 when I blog them in the future…

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