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Diagram 496c WOW! Transverse Polarization Waves

October 23, 2017

Diagram 496c WOW! Transverse Polairzation Waves

the idea girl says

quotes wiki transverse wave amplifies, oscillates in a positive x direction, going up and down within the y – z plane. Which is the same area (middle) where particle mixtures collide and mix with various laser beam signals in the UFO “y” crystalline structure engine. Quotes wiki polarization waves in electromagnetic fields. Steams of photon particles are in laser beams this shows us the ripple effect. You focus at x,y axis intersection and the polarized sound waves expand outwards. It also shows how the diffraction of the laer beams become polarized and connect to the surrounding NODES, metal orb with semi – conductors (wires) inside of them, which activates their signals and commands for the UFO space ship design. See Diagrams 496 a – j, D 497,

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Pt 14 KRB Fermion Waves 5g WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt 15 Young Frimaldi 5g WOW SETI
formula notes

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