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Higgs Boson – Sean Carroll’s Book


I am uploading my sketches about what I learned from reading Sean Carroll’s (easy to read and understand for a NEWBIE) book –

The Particle at the End of the Universe – How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson leads us to the edge of a New World

see book cover here.

8 January 2016 – Friday 

I blog what I discovered in the book and how I’m going to help you prove that the higgs boson particle is made up of four particles. I will also take a look at CERN, ATLAS and CML particle collision data to point out where the proof is so that your science labs can start to study those new particles as well.


introduction to my blogging about the book based on my research done in October 2015.

Sean’s video about his book


blogging pages 1 to 94 of the book here with my notes


Page 1 – Sean Carroll’s credentials and publishers, Twitter, Blog Information

Page 2 – Sean Carroll’s Fermions and Bosons – notes from page 28 of his book

Page 3 – Sean Carroll’s Protons Neutrons Electrons – up, down quarks, less or greater Mass, heavy particles with small space, electrons – lighter space, pocket of space with Proton, electron, Neutron combines to create a solid state.


12 January 2016 – Tuesday 

Page 4 – Sean Carroll’s Bosons Gravitons Electrons Page 4 – notes from page 29 of his book – Boson creates 0 Zero space, +/-/0 positive, negative, zero charge in force carriers, bosons combine into a macroscopic force field, gravitons pull like an A/C Current does, an electron trapped by Atomic Nucleus, electrons, photons exchange between electron and Atomic Nucleus, carrier forces – (+  positive) annihilation, (-  negative) decay.


13 January 2016 – Wednesday

Page 5 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall –Pushing Pulling Forces Page 5 – notes from page 29 of his book – pushing, pulling FORCES, Five axial forces? pushing, pulling forces leads to annihilation (+ positive), Decay (- negative) forces, radiation nucleus –> decays to +/- positive, negative weak forces.

Page 6 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Gravitons Quantum Theories Page 6 – notes from page 29 of his book – standard model, prove graviton particle A/C currents between two particles. Quantum, Relativity = Graviton Particle Theory (2012 data), My theory Moon, Feather, Hammer experiments dropped same time, 0 Zero Gravity, Gravity + Higgs Boson Effect adds Mass to metal head of hammer which is why it falls faster here on Earth.

18 January 2016 – Monday

Page 7 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Gravitons Weak Particle Interactions Page 7 – notes from page 29 of his book – my theory as to mass adding to metals of the hammer on Earth due to the higgs field makes it fall faster than on the Moon where its the same as a feather in speed. Particle graviton weakly interaction creates attraction between particles, and photons electromagnetism.

Page 8 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Electromagnetism Charges Page 8 – notes from page 29 of his book – electromagnetism, positive, negative charges between particles, or zero charge neutral forces, pushing, pulling attracting particles, electrical charges, positive or negative is shown.


19 January 2016 – Tuesday

Page 9 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Nuclear Electromagnetics Page 9 from page 29 and Page 30 in the book. electromagnetic repulsions, attractions, nuclear forces interacts with strong forces quarks with no electrons, gluons, photons, gravitons with 0 zero mass, Camir Force , Zero mass, influences long ranges, strong force (nuclear) with Zero electrons is short ranged.

20 January 2016 – Wednesday

Page 10 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Quarks Gluons Hadrons Page 10 from page 30 notes in the book. 1973 David Gross, David Politzer, Frank Wilczek

Quarks, strong nuclear force, strong attraction, strength, longer shorter ranges, pulled apart, quarks, energy to pull apart creates new quarks, quarks, gluons inside creates heavier mass particles, composite particles, hadrons


21 January 2016 – Thursday

Page 11 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Zirconium Helium Bosons Page 11 from page 30 notes in the book. Solar Energy, helium converts protons to neutrons a weak interaction, weak force Z, W bosons neutral 0 charge or positive, negative charges, heavy mass , atom of Zirconium, hard to produce or Decay is weak interactions.

Page 12 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Graviton Fermions Bosons Page 12, from page 31, 32 notes in the book. Earth force air resistance on feather, electromagnetism inteactions with atoms, forces gravity, graviton, electromagnetism, photons, strong force, gluons, one kind of boson for each force, weak force Z,+/- W bosons, W boson + Fermion change to another particle? down quark, W- boson to Up Quark


25 January 2016 – Monday

Page 13 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Neutron Decays Electrons Page 13 from page 32 notes of the book. Nucleus decays to Neutron ( two down Quarks, one up Quark), changes to Neutron (one down quark, one up quark), changes to Proton ( two up quarks, one down quark), reverses charges with nucleus emits neutrons, down Quark emits changes charge to -W boson, negative charge, 3 negatives = negative neutrons, quarks, W bosons. Changes 2 negatives to 2 positives, 2 positives Quarks.

26 January 2016 – Tuesday

Page 14 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Higgs Field Space Time Page 14 from page 32 notes of the book. (Oct 23, 2015). HEF – Higgs Electric Field EMITS a Higgs Boson Particle SIGNAL. Quantum Field Theory – FIELD – all particles from a field (Sean Carroll’s Theory), Field = value point in Space.  Earth’s atmosphere + temperature UP, DOWN arrows = FIELD.


27 January 2016 – Wednesday

Page 15 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Properties of Air Page 15 from page 33 notes in the book. Earth – any points in space above Earth have certain temperatures in the atmosphere, Density + Humidity = FIELD, quantum Theory everything has a field or combined field. Vibrations affect the Fields.

Page 16 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Vibrating Higgs Photons Page 16 from page 33 notes in the book. Field, Particles have vibrating waves. Photons carry electromagnetism creating the vibrations in a field. My theory – Field with photons changes to an electromagnetic field only if it has photons in it.

Page 17 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Gluons Gravitons Vibrations Page 17 from page 33 notes in the book.  My theory – FIELD, photons from Sun (solar plasma) changes to electromagnetic field to EMF to EMF, stretches through space quote, Gravitational field, gravitons vibrate in it, Gluon Field, gluons vibrate in it.

Page 18 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Matter Quark Fields Page 18 – My theory Field, Fermions, dark matter particles are building blocks in the universe. Dark Matter particles create a vibration in an underlying field. My theory – combined fields of electrons and Up Quarks, so that all particles have their “own” field surrounding them. The Fields interact with one another’s particles and +/- positive, negative charges of the particles affect the fields.

Page 19 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – My Field Charge Particle Theory Page 19 . A FIELD interacts with another field and it’s +/- positive, negative charged particles = CHANGE of particle Field or charges. (Is this a UNified Theory?), Sound Waves propagate through the air, vibrations propagate through a Quantum Field and Vibrating particles, small mass particles create quantum waves in a greater amount of space (travels longer in spacetime)


Page 20 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall -Dark Matter Mass, Magnetic, Quantum WAVE Particles Page 20. My Theory – small mass particles creates quantum waves with liquid pool density of dark matter particles. small amounts of mass pushes and combines dark matter particles creating a magnetic attraction and quantum waves, which creates a larger space around the small mass particles.

February 1, 2016 – Monday

Page 21 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Dark Matter Quantum Waves Page 21. Dark Matter Mass Magnetic Quantum Wave Particles, symbols, My theory: small mass particle creates electromagnetic repulsion with combined Dark Matter Mass Electromagnetic Particles within the Higgs Electromagnetic Field. Creates attraction with dark matter particles.

Page 22 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Dark Matter Minkowski Space Time Page 22.

My thoughts: Electromagnetic small mass particles repulsion force | attraction force dark matter particles. Small mass particles breaks apart Dark Matter Particle = Dark Energy?Creates Quantum waves equals Greater space with Minkowski Space Time. Less Density of particles = shorter time to travel?

Page 23 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall -Einstein’s Quantum Waves Page 23 of page 33 notes from the book.  Quotes from book: Quantum Wavelengths, point to point, more energy = shorter wavelengths. Quote Einstein Lower masses, less energy equals longer wave lengths. Larger sizes of Quantum Wavelengths, higher masses, more energy, shorter wavelengths = smaller sizes of Quantum Wavelengths.

Page 24 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Quantum Space Time Page 24. Zero equals empty space, value point in space. Field value is zero empty space, zero value is little energy. Quantum Mechanics, add energy, value is zero in field. Higgs Field is zero, above or below zero. Higgs  equals less energy at zero, more energy at plus zero values. Two massive Higgs Boson Particles each in their own fields, pass by one another, the particles interacts with each particle’s and it’s fields, and it exchanges a Higgs Boson particle. Two charged particles interact by exchanging photons.

Page 25 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Higgs Neutrons Protons Page 25 from page 46 notes in the book. Page 46, 47 notes from the book. The resting value of Higgs Field is not at zero (while other fields rest at zero according to the data in the book). Six Fermions – Proton, Neutron, Electron, Anti-proton, Anti-neutron, positron (Anti-electron). Page 46, 47 Neutron decays and emits electrons, weak nuclear forces changes the Neutron to a Proton. Neutron has most energy, emits electron it has less energy, and changes from Neutron to Proton and has even more LESS energy. Neutron (3 circles of energy in it) decays to a Proton, Electron, (before, after results based on data from 1930 Enrico Fermi, Wolfgang Pauli) Heavy neutral particle equals the neutrino.

February 5, 2016 – Friday

Page 26 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Muons Electrons Mesons Page 26 from page 48 notes. Caltech Lab 1930s Muon negative heavy charge, heavier than cousin electron, lighter than anti proton. Boson, meson has a quark, antiquark in it. 1962 Electron Neutrinos interacts with Electrons, Muon Neutrinos interact with Muons.

Page 27 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Neutrinos Muons Leptons Page 27 from page 49 notes in the book. Muon decays to Muon Neutrino, electron, electron Neutrino. 1970s Tau neutrino negative charge like E- negative electron, heavier than a Muon. Identical cousins, differing only in mass. Weak, electromagnetic forces not a strong + positive interaction. Charged Leptons, electrons, muons, tau, electron neutrino, muon neutrino, tau neutrino.

Page 28 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Hadrons Quark Flavors Page 28 from page 50 notes in the book. Other particles (hadrons) – pions, kaons, eta mesons, rho mesons, hyperons + MORE interact strongly with neurtons and protons

hadrons contain quarks, six flavors, up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom,Up, charm, top, quarks, charge, down strange charm, bottom, quarks charge, each flavor of quark is three triplets red, green, blue particles.

9 February 2016 – Tuesday

Page 29 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Hadrons Protons Neutrons Page 29 from page 51 notes from the book. First, Second, Third Generation of Quarks – UP, Charm, Top, Down, Strange, Bottom, Charges, larger = more mass. Hadrons contain Quarks – confinement. Protons, Neutrons Up and Down Quarks inside of them. Proton to Neutron, anti particle, red, green , blue combined Quark colors is white.

Page 30 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall –Quarks Fermions Attractions Page 30 from page 51, 52 notes in the book. Quark, anti-quark pairs in a nucleon. Color, anti-color combinations no affects to white quarks. Fermions push, pull, toss Bosons back and forth, lose energy, decay to other Fermions, spits out a Boson particle. Fermion 0 Zero Boson linear straight path of travel. spin +1 for photon, gluon, W, Z Bosons.

Page 31 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Graviton Higgs Spins Page 31 from Page 52 notes in the book. Graviton spin + 2, Higgs Boson 0 Zero spin, other particles higgs boson exchanged back and forth with other particles, Higgs Field, Higgs Boson vibrations inside of the higgs field.

Higgs Field gives mass to all massive elementary particles (your theories 2012 – 2015), higgs Boson interacts adds mass to quarks inside of particles, +/- positive, negative charged Leptons, W, Z +/- charged Bosons, and possibly Neutrinos (no data as of 2012 in the book’s results).

Page 32 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Higgs Mass Decays Page 32 from page 54 notes in the book. Higgs couples with heavier mass particles. Higgs adds mass and electromagnetism to other particles. (my theory) laws of attraction, heavy mass equals magnetism to Higgs Bosons.

Heavy particles couples with other heavy particles as Higgs infuses Mass as the particles pass through the higgs Field. Particles coupling with Higgs, adds mass to heavier mass particles. Higgs rapid decay CERN 2012 results. Theories for different rates of Higgs Decay to W bosons, Bottom Quarks, Tau Mesons etc..

17 February 2016 – Wednesday

Page 33 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Higgs Protons Light Page 33 from page 57, 58 notes. Magnetic Field pointing upward particles spin clockwise are negatively charged, particles that spin counter clockwise are positively charged, particles in middle have zero rests.The zero mass particles move at speed of light. My Theory WOW! data creates zero mass object (UFO space ship) to move at speed of light. 2012 Results : Protons spinning – not at speed of light on Earth yet. Proton Proton collisions at large velocity creates heavier particles, total energy is great enough.

Page 34 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Photon Mass Gluons Page 34 from page 58 notes in the book.. Collide two massless particles at high velocities changes them to particles with mass. Collide two photons creates Electron-Positron pairs. Collide two zero mass gluons creates a Higgs Boson particle. Combine energies is larger than Higgs Mass of a HIggs Boson adding mass. combine gluons energies greater than a higgs boson with mass particle. proton mass is (- minus 100x) that of a HIggs Boson particle. A Higgs Boson is (+100 x greater mass than a proton’s mass). opposites antiparticle properties.

Page 35 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Photons Gravitons Higgs Page 35 from page 53 notes (that i forgot). quote diagrams from the book. photons,gluons, W/Z Bosons, Gravitons, Higgs Bosons –> spin, charge and mass properties in the current Standard Model of Physics (data dated 2012). Particles electrically neutral except for the W Boson, All particles are massless except for Ws,Z, Higgs Bosons.

Page 36 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Light Photons Volts Page 36 from page 59 notes in the book. Quote Diagrams LHC Collision Energy levels, Higgs, Proton, Muon,Up Quark, Electron Mass. Temperatures of KeV, EV, MeV. Scale of Energies in Electron Volts – TEV, GEV, MEV, EV, Energy from 1 – 9 volts and it’s electrical potential.

Page 37 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Temperature Mass LHC Page 37 from page 59, 60 notes in the book. Scale of energies.Particle physicists measure temperature, mass and energy in the same scale, using electron volts as a basic unit.

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February 22, 2016 – Monday

Page 38 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Relativity Space Time Page 38 from Page 86 notes in the book. Relativity changes in space Time at high velocities, lengths of space contract in the direction of motion. Slow time, less time, less space to cover (my theory). Wormhole rest time, less space to cover from zero to sixty seconds travel time inside of it.

Page 39 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Dump a Fill LHC Protons Beam Page 39. CERN LHC Large Hadron Collider Laser proton smashing beams TEV energies. How it works in graphite, and dumps the laser beams, the speeds it achieves and rest energy of a proton is in the notes.

24 February 2016 – Wednesday

Page 40 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – CERN Hydrogen Protons Page 40 from page 85 notes in the book. CERN and the LHC Large Hadron Collider. Number of protons colliding in the laser beams, and how they form bunches into a Main (Tevatron) Ring after accelerating them clockwise and counterclockwise.

26 February 2016 – Friday

Page 41 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Protons Dipole Magnets Page 41  from page 85 notes in the book. CERN LHC Large Hadron Collider, Dipole Magnets affect the Proton Laser Beams and create super conductors in ultra low temperatures and with Liquid Helium.

1 March 2016 – Tuesday

Page 42 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – LHC Detector Hadrons Page 42 from page 96 notes.

my theory in the collision of protons to see smaller neutrino particles as protons decay in the LHC Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Baryons, Mesons, quarks, anti quarks, quark gluon interactions, fragments into Hadron Jets in a Magnetic Field and how it affects particle directions after a collision. Creating a positive or negative particle direction in the LHC Large Hadron Collider.

29 March 2016 – Tuesday

Page 43 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – ATLAS LHCB TOTEM Page 43 from page 97 notes.

Toroidal LHE Apparatus, CMS compact Muon Solenoid, ALICE, LHCB, TOTEM, LHCF, MOEDAL decays of bottom quarks, ion collider, lead ions, inner structure of protons, neutrino particle structure.

Page 44 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – LHCF ATLAS Quarks Page 44 from page 98, 99 notes in the book. Cosmic Rays from collisions, Monopole and Exotics Detector at the LHC, valence quarks at LHC. Bottom quarks distances after collisions.

Page 45 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Quark Gluons Jets Page 45 from page 104 notes in the book.  Quarks, Gluons, Jet Hadrons, Tau Lepton decays.

Page 46 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Electrons Photons Neutrinos Page 46 from page 104 notes in the book. Electron, Photons, Neutrino Gravitons, Positrons interactions with a particle detector after a collision.

Page 47 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Photons Higgs Coupling Page 47 from page 133 notes. My theory as to Why a higgs boson changes into two photons and why it does. Higgs boson particle couplings.

Page 48 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall –Electron Higgs Photons Page 48. My theory Higgs Bosons with electron positrons in a collision with zero mass and charged particle properties. How a higgs boson changes into two photons (my theory) in an electromagnetic field, higgs field vibrations.

Page 49 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Higgs Quarks Electrons Page 49 from page 144 notes in the book. Higgs boson interacts strongly, weakly with particles. How Top Quarks, Electrons, smaller mass particles my theories and yours work with Charged Particles.

Page 50 –  Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Splitting Higgs Bosons Page 50 from page 144 notes in the book. Four particles inside of the Higgs with Charges that split into photon particles and why it happens after a Higgs Event in the LHC Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Page 51 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Particle Symmetries Invariances Page 51 from page 149, 150, 151 notes in the book.  Symmetry of all particles are the SAME no matter what angle (90°) rotational invariance, gauge invariance, global symmetry is quoted from the book.

Page 52 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Space Time Points Page 52 from page 151 notes in the book. same direction points in space, with a connecting field in between each FIELD which connects them all together. Gravitons connect to photons, gluons, W boson, Z boson all are connected fields.

Page 53 –  Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Connecting Particle Fields Page 53 from page 153 notes in the book.Connection Fields push particles in different directions and they interact in different ways too.Gravitational ski slope connections and particles get symmetry results. Translations, rotations, electric charge.

Page 54 – Sean Carroll Linda Randall – Combine Field Forces Page 54 from page 153 and page 155 notes in the book..Quotes from book, positive charged particles is from two combine force fields. There is zero charge with a single field. A mass-less boson can carry its forces for a long range.


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