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Diagram 474 WOW! Plasma Quantum Matter Zero Viscosity

August 9, 2017

Diagram 474 WOW! Plasma Quantum Matter Zero Viscosity

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see formula and diagrams 474 a, 474b (extended version of the formula notes where I add the extra steps that were in the notes but not drawn in the original diagram.

page 1721 page 24, 25 cooled plasma formula notes
Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt2 Feshbach 5g WOW SETI Part 2 to 23 videos
see Diagram 466b same with algorithms included with it.

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Formula Pt1 Cold Krb Molecules 5g WOW SETI

Diagram 474 shows the UFO vacuum particle collider engine . On the outer edge is cooled plasma which is rotating as a ring around the particles colliding inside of the UFO vacuum engine.

To the left and right are laser beam guns. The left or D side repeats a chirped cycle pulse with atomic pulse equations from a ground state laser beam with generates a magnetic B field that surrounds the particles.

You create Quantum matter at its lowest quantum energy level this way.
The particle are 40 K fermionic atoms, ultra cold 87 rb potassium rubidium molecules and atoms, neutrinos, super fluid fermions, copper alloys and bosonic atoms in a mixture of argon gas.and quantum gas.
The Landau levels of energy are on the right laser beams which also create Thomas Young Diffraction Algorithms. The magnetic B field creates amperian loop with ZERO viscosity a low flow of velocities with no loss of energy in the particles.

The ampere electric currents will attract and repel each other as the laser light beams pass through the particles, carrying ground state molecules which mix and couple with the different particles creating a “laser beam of particles.”

see Diagram 474b where I’ve redrawn the diagram adding more particle mentions in the formula notes.

see Diagram 475

Diagram 473 WOW! Create Quantum Mechanical Waves Space Communications

August 9, 2017

Diagram 473 WOW! Create Quantum Mechanical Waves Space Communications

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formula and diagram notes

Diagram 473
page 24 cooled plasma formula page 171 notes

In 2008 Jun Y, Deborah Jin groups new form of matter creating Quantum Mechanical Waves that don’t affect the total energy of a particle. The wave go a long distance for communications inside of a gaseous cloud containing molecules in chemical reactions in the lase of quantum mechanics.

They used tens of thousands of ultra cold potassium rubidium KRB molecules in a low energy state with vibrations. The rotations in ultra low temperatures in a gaseous cloud of molecules (wormhole?) generating lowest level of Quantum Mechanics

The Krb molecules turn into a long distance communication as Quantum Mechanical Waves.

see Diagram 474

Diagram 472 WOW! Photon Lasers UCRA Atoms Quantum Gas

August 9, 2017

Diagram 472 WOW! Photon Lasers UCRA Atoms Quantum Gas

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formula and diagram notes

Diagram 472
The laser beams carry photons through both sides of the UFO “Y” Structure crystalline walls.
In between the crystalline walls of the engine it shows a combination of a “cool cloud of atoms”.
There are ultra cold rubidium atoms. Few of the particles are above ZERO degrees.
As the photons lasers pass through this “cool cloud of atoms” the energy excites the atoms.
Rydberg blockade occurs as the protons bind as one molecule.

The atoms can push and pull energy from atoms. A mixture in the “cool cloud of atoms” is Quantum Gas (fermi degenerate) polar molecules as seen in the YE Groups data findings.

Ultra cold Quantum Gas, Fermi gas is at absolute zero energy in the Fermions which equals a negative energy of Kelvin materials, creating all particles at Zero level of energy.

We trap the laser field, change the mass of the atoms and the atom has a positive charge as we raise the temperature and repel the atoms off one another within the Higgs magnetic field.

The atoms create a lattice arrangement when in a low energy state to a highest energy state.

So the UFO particle Vacuum collider engine creates a “cool cloud of atoms” and Higgs Bosons with other colliding particles at an energy level of ZERO in a Higgs Electric Field which is being generated by the rotating cooled plasma rings of liquid argon gas mixtures.

It shows the atoms create a lattice arrangement, just as the “Y” structure does with the layers of crystal and graphene wafers. It changes the magnetic field of the atoms to either couple together or the energy pulls them apart (atomic reaction).
see Diagram 473

Diagram 471 WOW! Dipole Laser Atomic Electric Pulses

August 9, 2017

Diagram 471 WOW! Dipole Laser Atomic Electric Pulses

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diagrams formula notes

Diagram 471 page 22, 23 cooled plasma page 170 notes

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Pt14 KRB Fermion Waves 5g WOW SETI

Line 22 7b97z66b Fermi Polar Quantum Matter Pt13 Quasiparticles 5g WOW SETI

Using the laser beams guns create opticole dipole force (femtosecond laser pulses) where you see two atoms with induced dipole moment between the two interactions in a Higgs electric field which absorbs the atomic particle and emits it on the other side of the dark matter thus creating quantum of photon momentum. so your laser beams collect particles and will generate velocity as the photons speed up towards the focus point of the laser beam in the UFO crystalline “Y” structure engine.

see Diagram 472

Diagram 470 WOW! Dark Matter Higgs Boson Particles

August 9, 2017

Diagram 470 WOW! Dark Matter Higgs Boson Particles

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formula notes diagrams

Diagram 470 Fermions associated with dark matter particles collide with Higgs Bosons (positive or negative force carrier particles) and this creates composite fermions which will collide with protons, neutrons becoming the key to the building blocks of dark matter particles as they weakly interact with -w and -z bosons and fermions.

The higgs boson fermions particles will display bosonic behaviour under extreme conditions this generating super conductivity in the UFO crystalline particle collider engine design.
see Diagram 471