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UFO Engine

the idea girl says
I’m connecting the dots of all the videos in the WOW! alien radio signal that talk about “engine” parts.

check up here for update dates to see what and when something’s been added to this list!

July 5, 2014 – Saturday
July 16, 2014 – Wednesday – Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c1b

here’s the list with the titles




*Electrical parts of the Engine*

Line 17k Electron Volt Joules UFO Engine 6EQUJ5 Neutrino WOW SETI


** Blue prints this is the STRUCTURE you want to start with**





** Velocity Math Equation Part One for UFO POWER ENGINE – CORE SHIELDS – Black Hole Save Time **

Line 17t4a UFO Alien Contact Equation Given Jan 22, 2012 Velocity My Thoughts WOW SETI

** Velocity Math Equation Part Two for UFO PoWer ENGINE – Space Travel – Black Hole Save Time **

Line 17t4b Alien Contact UFO Travel NGC6240 Black Hole Hubble Velocity WOW SETI


 **Formula for NUCLEAR Fusion in CORE Engine Power UFO Unit**

Line 18 a3z5a G Formula Math Equations Ideas UFO 5g WOW SETI


** NASA Nuclear Fusion – Creating Sustained Power in CORE of UFO Engine – POWER **

Line 20e How NASA Creates Nuclear Fusion Sustained Power UFO Engine 5g WOW SETI


** this is for AIR LIFT for the engines to use on the BASE of the UFO space ship**

Line 22d Syngas Turbine Engine Isotropic Hyperbolic Neutrinos 5g WOW SETI

*added july 16 2014 – Crystals with core nanowires to power the ENGINE**

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c1b Rotating Prism Fluorosolar Luxim Formula UFO 5g WOW SETI

** The Crystals are used to POWER the ENGINE**

Line 22f1fa19c3i Calcite Crystals Load Transfer UFO Engine 5g WOW SETI


** The Hydrogen and Nanotubes also go into the Crystal Engine Designs – POWER for the Ship – 5 G Force**

Line 22f1fa19c3k4 Hydrogen Storage NaAlH4 Nobium Fluoride Carbon Nanotubes 5g WOW SETI

** Propane is for the CORE of the ENGINE – RECYCLING FUEL Components **

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c8b Keyword Propane CORE Engine Formula’s UFO 5g WOW SETI


** Formula for the Recycling FUELS , METALS and Atomic Reactions within the ENGINE – POWER UNIT**

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6c1 Zirconium Atom Icosahedral Formula UFO 5g WOW SETI


** Computer Command UFO Engine CORE wiring network – formula for POWER Engine**

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p8 Artificial Neural Network Formula UFO 5g WOW SETI

** CORE of UFO Engine – Circuits Wiring Components – NODES – Long Distance Communicating Signals – Formula’s**

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p20 Lyapunov’s Stability Theorem 5g WOW SETI

** The Circuits and WIRING of the POWER ENGINE CORE Components**

Line 22f1fa19c3m1b7c8e13c9c6d3p25 Neuron Sodium Circuits Engine Formula UFO 5g WOW SETI


** Laser Beam Plates in the POWER ENGINE CORE Components**

Line 22 7b97u Beam Tetrode Plates UFO 5g WOW SETI


**Thermomagnetic HIGGS Boson Particles within the ENGINE Power – Proton Energy Formula**

Line 22 7b97z3 Nernst Thermomagnetic HIGGS Boson Formula 5g WOW SETI


** Electrical Currents for the Engine Wiring**

Line 22 7b97z4 Ettingshausen NERNST Thermoelectric Hall 5g WOW SETI

** LEVITATE CORE STRUCTURE FORMULA – Photonic Crystals Plasmonic Structures conductors- POWER ENGINE – Magnetic Forces – AIR LIFT**

Line 22 7b97z12 Ruey-Lin Chern Nanophotonics HIGGS UFO 5g WOW SETI

** COUGAR DARPA Fiber Optic HOllow Core Wires – NODES for the CORE – POWER Control Electrical Circuitry**

Line 22 7b97z29 COUGAR DARPA Fiber Optic Wires CORE UFO ENGINE NODES 5g WOW SETI”>Line 22 7b97z29 COUGAR DARPA Fiber Optic Wires CORE UFO ENGINE NODES 5g WOW SETI

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